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[Solved][2.0.7] UnrealIRCd5.0.5.1 Operserv Session Limits not working



i double and triple checked everything but i cannot see, why Session Exceptions are not 'handled' properly. The limit stays at the maximum default-allow block of UnrealIRCd5.0.5.1.. Any hint why?
Server is ulined, Services running normally, WebStats through MagIRC are also running.

With UnrealIRCd4.X it was working normaly...

"unreal4" module is loaded at services.conf and so far, everything works normally (without the session exceptions)

what does that mean "it does not handled properly".. ?

configs? error msg? etc..?
please. :)

and just for your info..
1st ircd comes, then services..
so if ircd's allowing only 8 connection / ip, you cannot set anope allow 10..
ircd is the line which get's the connection.. anope comes after that.

Sure thing, just say what exactly you wanna see of the Configs :)

But why was it working in the past? Starting from anope1.6 to 2.0.7 and Unreal3 to 4? I thought the intention was to not 'need to touch config files' of the unrealircd, but the ability to configure higher limits for special IP's via OperServ? That way it was working till UnrealIRCd5...

How should it be setup else?

Ooookay... so you say i should set the limit to e.g. 20 User/IP on the UnrealIRCd side and then define a lower limit through os_session -> defaultsessionlimit?

to be honest, i dont want anything.. you said "something" is not working, i still don't know what you mean by that.
and what i said is basic..
you connect to the ircd 1st.. as always. as in the past, as right now and probably as in the future..
services are extras.. lots of networks does not have services.

so again: either you accept the thing, that the 1st line is the ircd and then comes services, or i just wont answer.. :)

i presume, you set a lower number as conn/ip and now you try to make that number higher, but via services.
that wont work like that.
if you want to control this through services, set a higher number on ircd, then you can configure a lower number in anope.

after the above, if you still think that something is wrong, pastebin your relevant config lines (the ones you might think it's useful in this case.. from ircd and from services..)
although i think its futile after this.

Yeah got it... Strange that this was working in the past for more than a decade..  ::)

Thanks, i will configure a higher limit at UnrealIRCd and then define a os_session limit for the IP's. Thanks for your help


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