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Problems with services anope 2.0.7

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Hi guys,

I install anope 2.0.7 on UNreal5.0.4.

And the problems is when i register a NICKNAME or a CHANNEL it doesnt put mode +r.

When Whois:

 neo [Paraguay] * foofighterss
 +info     : neo is using modes +iowsxzHtW +kcfvGqSsob
 +info     : neo is connecting from *
 Canales  : @#services
 Servidor : - Tu punto de encuentro
 IRCop    : is an IRC Operator (miguerk) [netadmin]
[18:30] neo is using a Secure Connection
[18:30] neo is using an IP with a reputation score of 35
[18:30] neo is a Network Administrator                           --------------------------SHOULD BE HERE when registered and identified =  neo is logged in as Neo
 Login      : 4mins 41secs  idle : 2mins 28secs

In my whois i dont see this: neo is logged in as Neo -

When i register a #channel, chanserv dont put +r on channel the registered channel modes.

If someone has some tips. Touching this like 2 day already cant find a solution.

Thanks, sorry for my english.

did you really logged in with nickserv?
i'm not sure.

although one things which can mess up rights: uline
have you set your services to uline in unreal's conf?
see docu:

Ohh nice now is working yeah was wrong line. Perhaps now commands aliases like /ns /cs etc, when i tipe "/ns help" nickserv doesnt answer. But if i put only "/ns" server replies [19:59] No text to send.

idk.. might be some alias issue? have you load anope's alias file?
did you change it? or removed it? idk. works fine out of the box.

Yes it is set up, i really dont understand why.. Before i fix U-LINES it was working.


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