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Author Topic: Nickname is unavailable: Illegal characters - How do i allow Numbers?  (Read 1392 times)

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I need to allow people to connect to IRC with the start of there nick names with a number?
but i get Nickname is unavailable: Illegal characters

Can anyone tell me how to allow this?  i found

    * Characters allowed in nicknames. This always includes the characters described
    * in RFC1459, and so does not need to be set for normal behavior. Changing this to
    * include characters your IRCd doesn't support will cause your IRCd and/or Services
    * to break. Multibyte characters are not supported, nor are escape sequences.
    * It is recommended you DON'T change this.
   nick_chars = ""

Inside the services.conf file... but im not sure what to put here to make it work?
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