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Author Topic: Services crash with nick access list  (Read 1706 times)

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Services crash with nick access list
« on: January 11, 2008, 04:35:23 PM »

OS: Solaris 10/x86
Anope: 1.7.21
About: Upgrade from Anope 1.7.14

Hi there,

I performed the entire upgrade, so far so good, but one thing strikes me as odd. One of the changes which need to be performed in the SQL database is altering the anope_cs_access table and setting display as a unique key. However; doesn't this automaticely imply that users are now no longer capable to have multiple hosts from which they want to have access ?

My previous version was, as stated, 1.7.14 and this table contained several duplicate entries (nicks). Basicly; everyone who added extra hosts to the access database was listed with the same nickname (display) but different hosts. That seems to be impossible now.

Right now this change (I think) is causing me much grief because whenever a user tries to list or change the access list on NickServ (/msg nickserv access list) Anope crashes with the following error:
Code: [Select]

! *** Global -- from services.nekonet.irc: PANIC! buffer =
          :Lion-O PRIVMSG nickserv :access add peter@localhost
! *** Global -- from services.nekonet.irc: PANIC! buffer =
          :Lion-O PRIVMSG nickserv :access list

Naturally this isn't how it should be..

Could anyone enlighten me about this? How does Anope store the access list these days?

Thanks in advance


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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2008, 05:51:26 PM »

In the mean time I simply restored the anope_ns_access table from my backup, added the extra field but didn't change the index to include anything unique and so far it seems to be working as it should.

I'm still really curious as to the reasons for this database change.
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