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Anope + Unrealircd4 Windows


Good evening, I'm a beginner to connect anope with UnrealIRCD 4 on windows. Please guide me how to solve this problem?

UnrealIRCD 4 Conf

Anope Services.conf

what I did wrong.

Here are your fixes. Hope this helps.

On Windows Server

i've updated my unrealircd3.2.8 to Unrealircd4. as far as all's well i still have a few things to break my head:
include "help/help.conf";
/* all badwords are now in badwords.conf */
include "badwords.conf";
include "spamfilter.conf";
include "aliases/anope.conf";
include "modules.default.conf";
include "operclass.default.conf";
#/* NOTE: cloaking module is included in modules.default.conf */loadmodule "textban";
#loadmodule "antirandom";
loadmodule "m_ircops";
#loadmodule "m_nocodes";
#loadmodule "m_privdeaf";
#loadmodule "m_regexcept";
#loadmodule "m_bopmhelper";
#loadmodule "m_blocknonalpha";
#loadmodule "m_quarantine";
#loadmodule "m_jumpserver";

Those places where it # stands in front of
okay m_bopmhelper is too old

When updating from Anope 1.8.4 to Anope 2.0.6
I don't know which data to put in which folder. and the old service.conf has to remove it ?

my Failconfig:


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