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Anope 2.06: can't load modules


Kenneth Clement:
Can't load installed modules: webcpanel, db_sql_live, m_xmlrpc_main, ...

[00:24] -> *OperServ* modload db_sql_live
[00:24] -OperServ- Unable to load module db_sql_live.

[00:24] -> *OperServ* modload webcpanel
[00:24] -OperServ- Unable to load module webcpanel.

[00:26] -> *OperServ* modload m_xmlrpc_main
[00:26] -OperServ- Unable to load module m_xmlrpc_main.

These modules are in my /lib/modules/ ( as example) and in my config file. Tried to load the modules in services.conf and also with the modules.conf file.

Does sombody has an idea what could be the problem? Already tried ./Config - make - make install again... the modules did install fine.

Did you enable them with the ./extras command before compiling anope ?

Kenneth Clement:
Yes i did.


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