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lee blake:
Hi There

Is there any docs that explain exactly how to connect mysql to anope some step by step instructions.

Thank you

When compiling Anope, after having done ./Config, run ./extras and activate m_mysql.cpp.
You can now cd build && make && make install

Then, go to the installation directory (cd ../../services) and edit irc2sql.conf to fill the good values (you must have create the database and user in mysql).

Then, edit services.conf and remove the leading # in:

--- Code: ---/*
 * IRC2SQL Gateway
type = "file"
name = "irc2sql.conf"
--- End code ---

You can now run your services, they can use MySQL.

Phil Taylor:
The database name is in that file but no username and password In my config its not reading the database username and password in the module.example.conf.

4 posts for the same trouble... read and rename your .example.conf files to .conf


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