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Title: ProfileServ idea
Post by: gerry on March 09, 2019, 01:17:21 PM
I'd be very interested to see a "ProfileServ" module for the new Anope series.

Features would be allowing a "registered nick with Nickserv" to set up a profile on the "ProfileServ" .. Nick (already set with nickserv), age (settable), location (settable) and a brief user description (settable)

with a command based interface for users to be able to edit their profile or for other users to say... "!view <username>" and "ProfileServ" pm's the user in question the info.

We sorta had a crude version running but the guy that was coding it went awol and we dont have the code anymore for it.

There is a module on NeoStats (defunct i know...) but it maybe could be modded ?