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Title: Some record not updated in mysql database
Post by: k4be on May 14, 2017, 10:22:59 AM
I have enabled both flatfile and db_sql with mysql. After enabling db_sql with "import = true" all data were successfully copied to the mysql (though it took A LOT of time). I then disabled the "import" and restarted services. Now some changes to anope are reflected in the mysql database (for example access lists), but some are not (settings in ChannelInfo and NickCore). The debug log shows that anope does not try to execute any sql queries during the options change. New records to the mentioned tables are added when new channel or nickname is registered.
For example, I do /ns set kill quick, the line "DATA KILLPROTECT 1" appears in anope.db, but the field "KILLPROTECT" for that nick in mysql remains "FALSE". /os update has no effect on this.
May this be caused by simultaneous enabling of flatfile and sql?