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Title: [FEATURE] Add new function that determines eligability for nicks/chans changes.
Post by: katsklaw on April 12, 2011, 04:23:35 AM

I hope I get this out correctly. Please ask lots of questions if I dont. What I'm getting at is that in most of the modules for at least 1.8, there is a series of checks done on a nick/chan that appear in every single module that checks to see if a nick/chan can be used, registered etc. There are several examples where modules have to check if the nick/chan is forbidden/suspended, services is in skeleton mode, services in read only mode, defcon prevents registration etc ..

IF any of the above conditions exist, then changes to nicks/chans aren't going to be allowed. So instead of 10 modules that do various things to nicks/chans making all these checks individually, have a single global function that does the checks and allow all modules to be able to call it.