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Title: Access Level Check on ChanServ
Post by: LikeLakers2 on November 14, 2010, 04:23:05 PM
(yay my first post, anyways...)

I've had an mIRC bot, and have coded it to check whether the user has the correct access level permissions to make it part or join a channel.

I have been wanting a command to make it easier to check whether a user has the right access level or not on ChanServ. I wouldn't mind if it came in a module, as long as said module works with v1.8.5 of anope. (I'm using the windows version) Maybe make it so that ChanServ would check the levels for that channel, then check to see if the user has the right access level? And if so, send a message to a bot nick specified in the services.conf file stating to do the command, and to specify what command as well. Then, on the other hand, if the user does NOT have the right access levels, then send a message to said bot that would tell it that they do not have the correct access.

I would probably prefer this syntax: CHECK channel user command.

I understand that I could use a BotServ bot, but I'd rather be able to use it for non-BotServ bots, too.
Also, just a note, I am using the m_uline module for UnrealIRCd, if that will help any.