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Title: anope 1.8.2 not detecting mysql
Post by: R.Warps on September 13, 2009, 02:42:28 AM

I want to link my website to my irc service. Anope was suggested to me as one of the best collection of services and it had native mysql support which provides excelent oppertunity to interface it whith other systems.

I am new to manageing irc services and its been a steep learning curve but through documnetation and no small amount of help im getting at it.
however i hit a dead end aperantly,

I compiled anope but once i wanted to get to use its mysql features figured out it was compiles whithoud mysql support. so i set out to recompile but noticed I could not get it to detect mysql.

I have lookt in the mysql docs wiki and forums and from what I understand I dont have the right librarys installed but I cant seem to find the right ones.

ok so what am I using.
distro Debian
IRCD  Unreal3.2
I also have (and intend to use) the mysql install that comes with Lampp latest version from thier website.

now when I run the config script it keeps coming up with mysql=no
running "make distclean" (its mentiond in docs/MYSQL) doestn seem to help solve it.

I have tryed a number of difrent mysql instalations in paralel to the mysql of Lampp couse the config script doesnt seem to detect that (schouldnt matter where it gets the libs from mysql would still work fine)
so I dit apt-get install mysql-client no dice so added apt-get install mysql-server
eventualy i got the full package from the mysql website but that didnt seem to work ether. in the forums apt-get install mysql-dev (or devel or develop) but Debian comes up empty for those packages.

So what package can i get from where that will provide me with the right libraries for anope to be able to compile with mysql support?

It would be greatly apriciated, before i pull outwhat little hair i have left ;)
Title: Re: anope 1.8.2 not detecting mysql
Post by: LEthaLity on September 13, 2009, 04:05:32 AM
Firstly I'll add that whilst Anope can write to Mysql databases, that's all it can do.. The mysql isn't "live", it wont honour any changes made to databases externally eg. a website registration system writing to the databases. It will simply overwrite them the next time it writes its current databases to mysql.

Way around this would be with a module of some sort.

As for Mysql Install. I think you may need something like apt-get install libmysqlclient15-dev . I'm not sure, I dont use debian.
Title: Re: anope 1.8.2 not detecting mysql
Post by: Jan Milants on September 13, 2009, 01:12:11 PM
debian uses a virtual package for this: libmysqlclient-dev
Which in most cases, depending on your version of debian will install libmysqlclient15-dev as mentionned by LEthaLity, or on older versions libmysqlclient14-dev.
Title: Re: anope 1.8.2 not detecting mysql
Post by: R.Warps on September 22, 2009, 05:35:40 PM
thx for the help guys i got it working on debian(well now im trying to install it on centos but thats a whole new drama lol)