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Title: VERSION command for services clients
Post by: n00bie on February 02, 2008, 12:27:28 PM
Though i'm not sure you guys will like this idea; i think it will be nice if services have additional commands for all services clients which will output the current Anope version same output from the /quote version services... command. Example like /ChanServ VERSION, /NickServ VERSION etc. so that some users can know what version or services are we using. Not to mention, some advanced users do know /quote version serv* but rookies usually didn't know that and also /quote version serv* isnt't always reliable as some services usually dont start with 'services.*'
Post by: katsklaw on February 02, 2008, 01:33:31 PM
well, personally I'm against the idea. Primarily because newbies need to learn the proper way of doing things and not software catering to the newbies ignorance. That's something I've always believed. Users should learn how to IRC, not IRC learn and bend to compensate for user ignorance/laziness.

I seriously doubt there are a vast number of users than know what they would be reading from a version reply if they don't know what command to use to start with or what a version reply is. Yeah, they'll see Anope's version reply but it would still mean nothing to them as they are so new they don't know the proper version command.

Secondly, most ircds will allow you to substitute the server name for a nickname, ie: /quote version ChanServ