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Author Topic: Forum Rules (English)  (Read 9262 times)

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Forum Rules (English)
« on: December 22, 2013, 06:17:18 PM »

Welcome to the Anope IRC Services Support Forums! It is our goal to create a family friendly community. With that goal in mind, the following rules are in effect:

Forum Rules

1.  No harmful, abusive, racially, sexually or ethnically offensive, overtly sexual language is permitted. Trolling is not allowed.

2.  Do not repost deleted or closed threads or posts.

3.  Do not post any user's real-world personal information without his or her expressed permission.

4.  Do not impersonate another person (including celebrities), or indicate falsely that you are a Anope Team Member or a representative of any other community.

5. Do not attempt to interfere with, hack into to or disrupt functionality of the servers which contribute to Anope Services. Or upload files or post a link that contains a virus or malicious data.

6. Do not post any disturbing or otherwise grotesque content on the forums. This includes but is not limited to violent material, 'shock-value' images, lewd or otherwise disgusting videos.

7.  Do not post material that violates any local, national, or international laws.

8.  Do not post images or text associated with nudity or pornography.

9.  All profile information, including (but not limited too): Signatures, Avatars, Custom Profile Fields, and your account username MUST be appropriate.

10.  By creating an account, you agree that we may use cookies to enhance your user experience.

Helpful Tips

1.  Avoid posting in the wrong section.

2.  Feel free to disagree, but remain on-topic.

3.  If you have a problem with someone, take it up to a Private Message with them. Do not post about it on the forum.

4.  Please report posts that you find that may violate these rules or that are inappropriate.

Forum Support

1.  Before posting, please read the documentation that comes with Anope and your IRCd. Many problems are caused by people not bothering to read!

2.  Before asking for help, please search the forum. Chances are good that your question has already been answered before.

3.  If you are asking how to do certain commands, please message the appropriate service for help (ie: /msg NickServ HELP) Also, check our wiki:

4.  Remember, the forum is maintained by volunteers. If someone doesn't reply instantly, don't take it personally!

5.  If you ask for support in a language other than English, please try to post an English translation. This is not mandatory, however you may get a response faster.

If you have questions about these guidelines or would like to offer feedback, please do not hesitate to contact:

Please note that while we will make it our utmost priority to update you when these guidelines are changed, you agree to check them regularly. By accessing Anope Services you agree to follow these guidelines. You also understand that we obtain the right to take any action, at any time, for any reason, as we deem necessary for managing our Services.

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