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Author Topic: PANIC! buffer =  (Read 3278 times)

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PANIC! buffer =
« on: May 07, 2006, 06:04:02 PM »

hello i need some help i seem to be getting this error and cant figure out why.

[1:22am] *** Global -- from PANIC! buffer = :doodle PRIVMSG nickserv :register ashley
[1:22am] *** Routing -- from Read error from[(+)legion@], closing link (Connection reset by peer)
[1:22am] *** Server-Notice -- was connected for 3741 seconds. 435/22 sendK/recvK.

services start up and stay running for a while but then at random they disconnect. i am running the latest anope 1.7.14 with no added in modules other than the default ones. is there one that i need to turn off to fix this? any help would be greatful


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