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Title: Strange Date Problem
Post by: marlbman on June 30, 2006, 11:20:08 PM
I a running anope v1.6.4 on Unreal v3.2.4 on FreeBSD. The following is a list of the modules running on anope:
Seemingly every day for the past few days at around the same time every day (noon) nicks get dropped, which in turn causes the loss of channels, hosts, etc. When I look in my backups directory, there are suddenly backups with 20360207 in the name. Somehow services is getting the date as Feb 7th, 2036 and therefore obviously expires pretty much all the nicks that arent NOEXPIRE. I though that maybe my shell provider was having some problems with the date on his box, but nobody else on it is having the same problem. Anybody have this problem before? any hints that may lead me to find the cause would be appreciated.

Post by: Charles Kingsley on June 30, 2006, 11:29:03 PM
Thats an interesting one :)

Firstly, you are certain the system date on your box is not being reconfigured via cronjob at noon? (Sounds very precise).

Also, 1.6.4 does not officially support 3.2.4 but I doubt thats the problem if things have progressed this far ...

You might be worthwhile running services in debug mode and logging exactly whats happening so we can see it.