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Hello there,

I know that the next version will come soon (feb, 7th ?), but I've two small request about the exclude system:
- case-insensitive (CrazyCat is Crazycat is crazycat ...)
- possibility to add hostmask

If it's possible (not for next release, but another one), it'll be great !

The problem with case-insensitivity is that it will then be assumed that BOB = bob = bOb and are all the same person, when in fact they could be 3 separate people using the same nick just cased different at different times of the day. Most users retain their case. For example I've always used katsklaw and never Katsklaw, KatsKlaw or KATSKLAW.

I think the case insensitive thing is a good idea and could make it into the next release, maybe. Probably will be a one-liner.
As for the hostmasks, we will have to see how big the effort would be.
Anyhoo, it would be best if you open up a ticket in the bug tracker for each of your requests ;)

@katsklaw : You're true, but irc is case-insensitive with nicknames, so it seems logical that denora works the same way.

@Hal9000 : I'll do. And I'll wait for the next release and then have a look to the source code to see if I can help you.


--- Quote from: CrazyCat on February 03, 2011, 09:15:13 AM ---@katsklaw : You're true, but irc is case-insensitive with nicknames, so it seems logical that denora works the same way.

--- End quote ---

IRC also allows several people to use the same nick, just not at the same time. It's logical to allow IRC to continue to operate that way by not assuming that they are all the same person. IRC it's self does not support nick ownership and not all networks that use Anope/Denora force nick changes/guesting. You are assuming that they do.

IRC has worked this same way since long before Denora. The only time it's safe to assume its the same person is if the nick is registered  AND enforcement is turned on, which is not always the case. If I register as katsklaw and want to be excluded but there is another user that uses KatsKlaw that I don't want excluded, your feature will then mess me up.

Perhaps we can meet in the middle and make case requirements feature optional and turned off by default.


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