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 on: December 07, 2022, 02:55:26 PM 
Started by low - Last post by Lord255
i see one problem here:
   options { tls; serversonly; }
remove tls; :)

also in the link block the port is not needed. :)

some help (its in your conf too):

 on: December 07, 2022, 02:43:14 PM 
Started by low - Last post by low
This is on unrealircd:-

/* Special SSL/TLS servers-only port for linking */
listen {
   port 7001;
   options { tls; serversonly; }

/* The link block for services is usually much simpler.
 * For more information about what Services are,
 * see

   incoming {
      mask *@;
                port 7001;

   password "mypassword";

   class servers;

This is on anope:-

    * The IP or hostname of the IRC server you wish to connect Services to.
    * Usually, you will want to connect Services over (aka localhost).
    * NOTE: On some shell providers, this will not be an option.
   host = ""

    * Enable if Services should connect using IPv6.
   ipv6 = no

    * Enable if Services should connect using SSL.
    * You must have an SSL module loaded for this to work.
   ssl = no

    * The port to connect to.
    * The IRCd *MUST* be configured to listen on this port, and to accept
    * server connections.
    * Refer to your IRCd documentation for how this is to be done.
   port = 7001

    * The password to send to the IRC server for authentication.
    * This must match the link block on your IRCd.
    * Refer to your IRCd documentation for more information on link blocks.
   password = "mypassword"

 on: December 06, 2022, 10:52:11 PM 
Started by low - Last post by CrazyCat
And you can also turn on debug: and

 on: December 06, 2022, 04:56:43 PM 
Started by low - Last post by Lord255
did you set a listen port on unrealircd side for port 7001?
did you do a /rehash ?

can you please paste your unreal's link and listen block and anope's uplink block?

 on: December 06, 2022, 04:48:52 PM 
Started by low - Last post by low
Anope 2.0.11, build #2, compiled 05:28:08 Dec  6 2022, flags D
Using configuration file conf/services.conf
Attempting to connect to uplink #1 ( with protocol UnrealIRCd 4+
Successfully connected to uplink #1
Lost connection from uplink #1 ( Connection reset by peer

 on: December 06, 2022, 12:04:50 PM 
Started by Zell - Last post by CrazyCat

Tu ne pourras pas car c'est un mot de passe avec une encryption de type bcrypt qui n'est pas supportée directement par MySQL.

 on: December 04, 2022, 05:27:48 PM 
Started by Zell - Last post by Zell

Je cherche a savoir comment utiliser le query du module m_sql_authentication d'anope pour la table wp_users de wordpress.

J'ai fait de multiple test mais je ne trouve pas la solution.
Je précise que lorsque je modifie le mot de passe d'un utilisateur de la table wp_users de wordpress sans hashage, le module d'anope fonctionne correctement.
Les mots de passe de ma table wordpress sont sous la forme $P$BlIadtEJDn3L0Ew3YjV1h4LLSKyMsi.

Quelqu'un aurait mis en place le bon query pour effectuer les tests d'utilisateurs dans cette table ?

Merci beaucoup d'avance.
Jessie - Zell 

 on: October 27, 2022, 02:51:33 PM 
Started by Ivan - Last post by Josh

The IRC protocol has many advantages. It has some limit too. This is of course due to some security reasons. But I have alway bin a big fan of IRC.

I get the part of adding a nick and pass to the anope mysql db.
What I don't see is that the registered nick gets automaticly identified.

Reason why this is maybe importend is that in this time people are as lazy as can be. Most of them don't even know the IRC protocol.
They must be able to post and click without using any braincells.

So... My plan is to run the db part from my own website. (That should be no math.)
After that (When using some kind of Web IRC Client) they have to get identified with that automaticly.
I think IRCx did the same in the past with a ticket and auth check.

Maybe a writen connection coneection is also needed for that to let the no web clients connect to the server.

If that should be possible in time (or maybe alreadiy is...) I think more people going to use IRC again and that we can bring it back to it's full glory. :)
I'm going to try to make that possible ,but I was out of it for almost 10 years. So.. maybe it will crush my brain at some point.  ;D

I hope that you see my intentions and plan behind this.

Good luck to all who is busy with this!!!

Greets WorldAxis

 on: October 27, 2022, 10:38:52 AM 
Started by Josh - Last post by Josh
Hi Rene,

I forgot to configure the Services.conf part indeed.
I thought that I was getting to old for this  ;D
It's working like it should be now.

Thank you very much for helping me out.

Greets WorldAxis.

 on: October 26, 2022, 01:21:03 AM 
Started by Josh - Last post by Rene
Hello and Nice to meet you?
Are You sure that you configure your Ircd and Services correctly you must enable this option in the operserv.example.conf of anope...

Here are Examle of configs that you must setup:
After it do a restart of all and try again.

Unrealircd.conf section OperBlock:

Code: [Select]
oper Youroper {
class opers;
mask *@*;
password "yourpass";
/* Oper permissions are defined in an 'operclass' block.
* See
* UnrealIRCd ships with a number of default blocks, see
* the article for a full list. We choose 'netadmin' here.
operclass netadmin-with-override;
swhois "is a Network Admin";
snomask bBcdfkqsSoO;

Services.conf of anope section Oper:

Code: [Select]

/* The nickname of this services oper */
name = "Yournick"

/* The opertype this person will have */
type = "Services Root"

/* If set, the user must be an oper on the IRCd to gain their Services
* oper privileges.
require_oper = yes

/* An optional password. If defined, the user must login using "/OPERSERV LOGIN" first */
password = "yourpass"

/* An optional SSL fingerprint. If defined, it's required to be able to use this opertype. */
#certfp = "ed3383b3f7d74e89433ddaa4a6e5b2d7"

/* An optional list of user@host masks. If defined the user must be connected from one of them */
#host = "*@* ident@*"

/* An optional vHost to set on users who identify for this oper block.
* This will override HostServ vHosts, and may not be available on all IRCds
#vhost = "oper.mynet"

And the Superadmin option in operserv.example.conf of Anope.

Code: [Select]

 * os_set
 * Provides the command operserv/set.
 * Used to set various settings such as superadmin, debug mode, etc.
name = "os_set"

* If set, Services Admins will be able to use SUPERADMIN [ON|OFF] which will temporarily grant
* them extra privileges such as being a founder on ALL channels.
* This directive is optional.
superadmin = yes
command { service = "OperServ"; name = "SET"; command = "operserv/set"; permission = "operserv/set"; }

if done do a restart it should be work. hopefully, :)

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