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--- Quote from: Moebius on April 06, 2023, 09:08:15 PM ---Ok, nevermind. I did something and it works now. I've NO idea how I fixed it, though. I even tried to reverse the few random and hopeless changes I made to the ssmtp.conf file and it still just works. Oh well.

Now I have another question. Is there a way to fake the sender's name and address? I know it can be done with sendmail and mailx but I'm not sure they are good options here. The question is, can you pull it off with ssmtp? The farthest I've gone is change the sender's name but I can't seem to change the actual email address. Here's what I mean:

--- Code: ---ssmtp -v < msg.txt
--- End code ---

This only changes the name but not the address in angle brackets, it's pretty much stuck there. So, only the -F parameter works. Same happens when I use "From:" in the actual message.

--- End quote ---


I haven't played with "fake email" so I don't know, sorry


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