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Im new to unrealircd and anope.

It it possible to make it like:

net-admin joins #services per auto
and other operclass does not join #services

hi Stefan.
this question belong to ircd, but i don't think its possible.

The Myth Lives:
It is possible to achieve this goal, but you need to do some extra steps.

- You need to set the set::oper-auto-join ( to all the channels you'd like any oper to auto join when they oper up.
- You need to set #services as an invite-only channel with an invex (invite exception) to a specific operclass. Something like:

--- Code: ---/mode services +iI ~O:*admin*
--- End code ---
- The command above will only allow opers with admin on their operclass to join
- You need to adjust the operclass blocks, oper blocks, etc to fit your needs.
- Feel free to stop by #unreal-support @  if you need further help.
- Be sure to also set "opers" channels to be +P.


neat trick PeGaSuS! \o/


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