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[RESOLVED] Question for m_chanstats

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--- Quote from: Lord255 on March 02, 2022, 07:31:05 PM ---nice. didnt know that there is a module for it. thought pretty useless afterwards. maybe load it till you need it, then remove it. mhm.
also its from 2014 ?:D mhm. but yeah. nice though! :)

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yeah. it's from 2014 but still works pretty flawlessly!  :)


--- Quote from: The Myth Lives on March 02, 2022, 08:24:45 PM ---yeah. it's from 2014 but still works pretty flawlessly!  :)

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ah neat. i was wondering if you found it, or you using it. :D :) (y)
cool. maybe better than my improvised msl :D
(thought sill i would unload it after using the might command :D)

I used this module when I notice that I badly configure the kill option (forget it in options)
Really usefull, good to know it's still working :)

Thanks for the fix :)
However, I commented the configuration like this:
But nothing to do, even with new users, they have to perform the command /ns set chantstats on :/

Did you restart the services ?


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