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Removal of ircd support

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In order to reduce maintenance efforts, I think it is time to think about the removal of some in the meantime abandoned / rarely used ircds.

I suggest to remove the support for following ircds from Denora 1.4.6:

* Asuka (abandoned)
* Hybrid (near to zero userbase)
* Hyperion (abandoned)
* ngircd (near to zero userbase)
* Plexus3 (abandoned)
* Ratbox (not sure about this one)
* Solidircd (abandoned)
* Ultimate3 (abandoned)
Ircds that will remain in Denora 1.4.6 will be:

* Bahamut
* Charybdis
* Inspircd 1.1-2.0
* ircu
* Nefarious
* Scarynet
* Unreal
Let me know what you think!

Jan Milants:
Pls keep ratbox.. though not very commonly used (you won't find any newbies using it ::)) I still think it is relevant today..

As for Plexus3, it is still used and maintained by Rizon I think, though under another name.. its now called ircd-rizon, but the protocol is the same as Plexus3 (at least the same protocol module works for anope) and its homepage is I recall at least a few people asking about it in #anope so still think it has relevance..

Everyhing else is probably safe to remove.. though I love ultimate, i don't see myself actually using it anymore.. :)

ok, so ratbox will remain, plexus3 will be renamed to ircdrizon.
btw, there has been the request to readd support for shadowircd.
what do you think of that? i mean, to add support for an ircd which just one network uses makes me wonder if it's worth the effort

Perhaps old proto modules can be stored in an extras directory or downloaded from a website. That way if someone does use an old ircd they can still get the proto support. If the ircd isn't being updated, neither is the proto module and can be archived and forgotten.

Ratbox is definately a keeper, solid-ircd is a good alternative to bahamut since it does hostmangling. While it's a dead ircd, it's at least based on proven stable code (unlike some other ircds in your 'keep' list) and still very usable.

Plexus3/ircd-rizon is very alive we just don't use google code anymore, we use


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