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Author Topic: <spam>Java tutorial bot</spam>  (Read 5961 times)

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<spam>Java tutorial bot</spam>
« on: May 03, 2006, 12:46:27 AM »

This is a little spam but very vaguely related since the bot fills in a gap left behind by an Anope module (movieserv) which is no longer maintained, I hope no one minds.

A few Anope releases ago (dated pre-module age IIRC) I stumbled upon a module ('movieserv') which allowed you to create an IRC 'tutorial'. 'MovieServ' was buggy (stopping a tutorial used to crash Anope) but working. It could create tutorial bots which could present text in a channel of your choosing. An ideal situation for creating tutorial sessions where a bot can tell a story and allow people to ask questions during pauzes or at the end.

Anope evolved, movieserv didn't, so our network lost this feature. After I came across the PircBot Java IRC API I decided to write something up myself and although its still crude on the edges I just released version 1.0 of the 'NekoBot'. At this moment the ties to Anope end here, but the next version will support accessing information directly from the Anope (MySQL) database. For example to allow only certain people related to a channel to get access to certain features of the bot (this is currently only related to nicknames).

Anyway, if someone is interested you can grab the copy here. Yes, this is a rar file and if you have problems to unpack it you may need to update your rar version. I prefer rar for its compression ratio and because I can use it on any OS I use (Windows/Linux/etc.).

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