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Title: mIRC problem??
Post by: Cihan on November 24, 2006, 07:54:31 PM
Hi. I don't know this setting in mIRC in Unreal or in computers. but i must ask it. i have a big network. i setted all the subdomains for ips. if you write host . you can show 5 different link's ips.

but the problem is. when i am under ddos. a links connection has gone.

a user is writing /s and the user's computer resolves the ddos link's ip.

so mirc said. connection time out. and retry the SAME ip. and time out. and retry and time out out out out out. so the user can't connect. i want when connection time out. mirc trys the another ip. and another and another. how can i do it? how can i fix it? i have stable links but few users can't connect. thank you. byby
Post by: katsklaw on November 24, 2006, 10:36:12 PM
You should ask the mIRC support team at