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Author Topic: Asking about ircd_oper modules  (Read 3339 times)

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Asking about ircd_oper modules
« on: January 10, 2009, 10:48:56 PM »

   cOper = createCommand("oper", my_ns_oper, NULL, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1);
   cOpList = createCommand("oplist", my_os_oplist, is_services_admin, -1, -1, -1, -1, -1);
   alog("Loading ircd_oper module...");
   alog("[ircd_oper] Adding command: /msg NickServ OPER login password [Status: %d]", moduleAddCommand(NICKSERV, cOper, MOD_HEAD));
   alog("[ircd_oper] Adding command: /msg NickServ OPLIST [ADD|DEL|LIST] [login] [password] [type] [Status: %d]", moduleAddCommand(NICKSERV, cOpList, MOD_HEAD));
   alog("[ircd_oper] Adding help entries...");
   moduleAddHelp(cOper, ircd_oper_help_oper_full);
   moduleAddHelp(cOpList, ircd_oper_help_oplist_full);
   alog("[ircd_oper] Module loaded.");
   return MOD_CONT;


void ircd_oper_help_oper(User* u)
   /* We probably shouldn't tell people about this command :p . */

int ircd_oper_help_oper_full(User* u)
   /* But if they know about it already then... */
   notice_user(s_NickServ, u, "Syntax: \2OPER \37login\37 \37password\37\37\2");
   notice_user(s_NickServ, u, " ");
   notice_user(s_NickServ, u, "Activates your service-controlled O:Line.");
   notice_user(s_NickServ, u, "Arguments are essentially the same as the IRC /OPER command.");
   notice_user(s_NickServ, u, "Note that any use of this command - failure or not - will be logged!");
   notice_user(s_NickServ, u, "Also note that this is in no way associated with nickname registration,");
   notice_user(s_NickServ, u, "however, you may be required to register and identify to a nick in order to succeed.");
   return MOD_CONT;

So, my question is How to set identify only nick owner? Other nick can't oper up using /ns oper <opernick> <operpass>. For example, if I using nick nemesis, only nick nemesis can oper up, no other nick. Because, if I oper up using nick nemesis, other nick using sisemen still can oper up using command /ns oper nemesis <passwd>. So, I dont want other nick except only nick nemesis can oper up. One more thing, how to added command after type /ns help and command OPER is view in list nickserv help.

Thank you...
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