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Author Topic: Some issues  (Read 2610 times)

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Some issues
« on: November 03, 2007, 05:50:51 PM »

Having some problems with anope services..

First things first:
ircd: ircd-hybrid-7:  7.2.3
anope: anope-1.7.19

Now, a couple of things I cant figure out.
1) If I kill the service and start it again all channels gets opless, ChanServ joins, resets the topic, deops @'s. How can I make anope just start, not make any channel modifications when it starts up? specially not deop @'s and reset topic..

2) I dont get hostserv started..
[ 1] OperServ 50
[ 2] ChanServ 50
[ 3] StatServ 50
[ 4] MemoServ 50
[ 5] NeoStats 50
[ 6] Global 50
[ 8] BotServ 50
[ 9] NickServ 50

are the current @'s.
HostCoreModules "hs_help hs_on hs_off hs_group hs_list hs_set hs_setall hs_del hs_delall" <-- left default..

3) is there some builtin chanfix or so? if channels gets opless, I need a way to @ at least 1 person/bot, preferable, if I run like fix channel #test, chanserv will join and @ all with AOP set in nickserv for that channel. Possible?

4) possible to get all these "bots" (NickServ OperServ etc) to join the services channel? and then use ! command for certain things, like !fixchan #channel (see above issue..)
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