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Author Topic: [1.7.19] Hybrid & Q-LINE  (Read 3176 times)

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[1.7.19] Hybrid & Q-LINE
« on: August 11, 2007, 11:23:17 AM »

Hello. Hybrid has support for Q-lines.

RESV <channel|nick> :<reason>

 -- RESV a channel or nick
 Will create a resv for the given channel/nick, stopping
 local users from joining the channel, or using the
 nick.  Will not affect remote clients.

 If the oper is an admin, they may create a wildcard
 resv, for example: clones*

 UNRESV <channel|nick>

 -- Remove a RESV on a channel or nick
 Will attempt to remove the resv for the given
 channel/nick. If the resv is conf based, the resv
will not be removed.

 UNRESV <channel|nick> ON irc.server
 will unresv the <channel|nick> on irc.server if irc.server
 accepts remote unresvs. If the resv is conf based, the resv
 will not be removed.

void hybrid_cmd_sqline(char *mask, char *reason)
    send_cmd(s_OperServ, "RESV * %s :%s", mask, reason);

void hybrid_cmd_unsqline(char *user)
    send_cmd(s_OperServ, "UNRESV * %s", user);
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