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In my research on how mails are sent I found a bug.
Where to report a bug? At there is no possibility to open an issue.

Never programmed in C++, but in mail.cpp at line 30 a file is opened to compose the mail.
The file is 'sendmail' (configured in services.conf).

But sendmail is the program to send mail. This can't be right.

i dont understand what you mean..

you can send emails with sendmail.

anyway.. bugtracker of anope:


Thanks for the link.

What I mean is when I register a nick on my own irc server then anope should send a confirmation mail. But no mail is sent.
And I can see one reason the mail isn't sent. Not sure if that is the root of the problem but there is at least one bug.

Sendmail itself works fine, In a bash script I receive a test mail.

Anope tries to write the text of the mail to the file '/usr/sbin/sendmail'. That is a bug,

The function popen() does not writes a text file.
I misunderstood the function.

Something else causes the error when a mail should be send.
What that is I don't know.


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