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Author Topic: Precompiled module distribution: bs_fantasy_dt  (Read 2734 times)

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Jan Milants

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Precompiled module distribution: bs_fantasy_dt
« on: January 01, 2010, 12:10:24 PM »

I am currently looking into the possibility of distributing a module as a precompiled .so, if at all possible. To test if this is at all possible I need some people to try and load the module below into Anope 1.8 SVN rev 2712. To have any chance of working it probably has to be that exact version..

This module allows users to dynamically add triggers to anope, much like Infobot works in #anope.

The module can be found here:
<<< removed >>>

As for the reason why I am looking at this: above module started out as a custom job, but a bit out of control, turned out wayy bigger and I want to see whether it s possible to allow ppl to use it without 1 - having to pay; 2 - getting the sourcecode. Obv this version would have somewhat limited but still be functional. If it doesn't work I dunno yet what I ll do, also thought about distributing the src under a restrictive license without parts such as the DB routines, but since when do ppl care about licenses, so might as well publish the whole thing then..  :-\

Edit: nvm this topic.. decided it causes too much headaches because of GPL and all the different architectures. Either I ll release the source or I ll keep it private.
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