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[Request] ns_resetpass - Can there be a ChanServ version?


The ns_resetpass module works very nicely, and I have tried to edit it myself, for ChanServ, but unsuccessfully.

Adam is the author, and I know he's still around the forums, so I hope he may reply to this with a quick fix :P
This is for UnrealIRCd 3.2.9 + Anope-1.8.6 (This is a custom set up and runs perfectly, with no bugs or issues. It's just how we want it).

Basically, when encryption is set, both NickServ and ChanServ are unable to get/send the Nick and Channel Passwords. With resetpass, they can at least manage their nick/chan on their own, without needing staff to intervene. Any help with this module would be greatly appreciated by me, and other's. As there is currently nothing like this available, it should be a hot release :)

There isn't a reason to have a resetpass for chanserv since you can change the chanserv password without knowing it.

Oh? I thought you had to identify to channel, in order to set things, like description, password, other owner commands. That was the main reason for asking, as currently the only way I see people getting their channel passwords reset is by asking a services admin to do it.

Well, it's never worked that way.


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