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Title: Voting for channel ops
Post by: Robert Connolly on April 29, 2009, 03:59:34 AM
I would like a feature that allows users to elect channel operators (irc operators too, but one thing at a time). So here's the deal:

You open a channel, invite your friends, and they invite their friends. Six months later chanserv starts notifying users onjoin that there will be an election soon. Users with a registered nickname send a ballot request to irc-services. At some convenient time, like friday night or sunday afternoon, there's a 60 second window. During this 60 seconds users who requested a ballot are asked simple random multiple choice questions, like 'what colour is the sky'. This quiz is designed to take 45 seconds to complete, and users have 60 seconds to do it. This quiz is designed to prevent users from voting twice... most people would not be able to complete two quiz's in 60 seconds. After, they vote for president, and vice. Chanserv keeps a list of the registered voters. These voters can impeach the channel president and call for a new election, using memoserv to notify fellow voters to vote for an impeachment. A voter can only move to impeach, or call a new election, once per reign, to keep things sane. Elections would need to be regular, like every six months, to prevent the current registered voters from holding someone in power forever. Each new election causes registered voters to expire, and they need to redo the quiz to renew their registration. The new president inherits the sop and aop lists from before. The point of this is to make the operators accountable, giving power to the regular users. I'm not sure what to do in case of a tie... maybe, in the event of a tie, services will not use the last person to finish the quiz to make the number of votes odd (that user doesn't need to know they were disqualified).

So anyway. Think about it.
Title: Re: Voting for channel ops
Post by: ShawnSmith on April 29, 2009, 07:41:49 AM
That seems extremely idiotic.
Title: Re: Voting for channel ops
Post by: Andrew B. on April 29, 2009, 08:19:28 AM
This seems like something that would be more likely built into a module, or just as some sort of IRC Script... I don't think it would be of value as a core function of Anope, I doubt it would get all that much use.
Title: Re: Voting for channel ops
Post by: Jens Voss on April 29, 2009, 09:01:04 AM
What i like to see is a module for voting an op in an unregistered channel.

For Example:

20 people are in a registered channel.
The channelfounder expired, the channel is dropped.
Now nobody is able to get op to register the channel again.

so the people in the channel have to "vote" for a new op.

/chanserv voteop #unregisteredchannel <nick>

if enough people voted for the same nick, chanserv sets cmode +o.

(does not work for registered channels)
Title: Re: Voting for channel ops
Post by: TwinShadow on April 30, 2009, 12:23:56 AM
Well, if the channel founder's nick is to expire, then that's what the successor would be for, if he/she set one in the first place. Either that, could probably contact an IRC Op about using an /os mode on a user to get the channel op status needed to register a channel.

I would probably agree though with the others, I think this would probably be better suited for a module (because if it was a script for mIRC, what point would there be if the 'bot' wasn't a channel op to begin with? =P) or something.
Title: Re: Voting for channel ops
Post by: Jan Milants on April 30, 2009, 01:04:34 AM
while I like the idea of having an elected channel founder, the part of the quiz is imho complete nonsense and overly complex... a simple mirc script would finish it in a matter of seconds.. it would make more sense to give so called "voters" simple level 1 channel access without any particular privileges, allowing the chanops to keep track of who can vote and verify identities... maybe some other system, but the quiz just sounds a lot of work for something that can be worked around rather easily..