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I dont know if this is possibe?

I am the owner and founder of an IRC  chat room channel with services logged in on the channel. I am hosted by #volwasseklets

The server admin has gone missing and no answer on emails to his address or zairc support.    The problem is that I only have access to chanserv, very limited access to nickserv and no access to hostserv or the other others.

This results in problems fully controlling the channel and also can not approve vhost requests. Is there any way of getting access?

no. :(

unless you have access to the shell where the services are running, so you could edit the config file.
without that you cant get more access than what you have now.

unforumately no any other ideas?

sorry, but its not possible. :)
either you need a services root online who could give you right, or you need to have shell access and edit the config files to get services root. :(
no other options available.

Thank you. Looks like finding another host only option for me


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