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Hello there,

I've noticed a trouble for months, I can't understand it.
When I launch denora (/home/ircd/stats/denorarc start or /home/ircd/stats/stats), it's all right. But sometimes, the seems to be erased, and the denora.chk makes denora trying to restart, I can see its connections each minute.

Here is my crontab:

--- Code: ---* * * * * /home/ircd/stats/denora.chk > /dev/null 2>&1
--- End code ---

And denora.chk is the example.chk renamed, it works well.
So, what could erase the ? Is there a way to log what happen ? I had this trouble with a previous server, I've changed it (with new install of OS, no particular process which can erase this file) a few days ago and the same thing happens yesterday.


yeah i can vaguely remember having the same problem, happened rarely but sometimes happened. even with anope. might check with the anope team if they are aware of such an issue and if it was fixed for them.

I don't think it was fixed in anope : since a few days, I've the trouble with anope 1.8.4.

And it's really strange, I can't find any logic in the deletion, seems to be a random event.

Charles Kingsley:
I've not heard anyone mention this in anope for a long time....

Actually we have this problem quite often and fairly recently as well with 1.9.1p1. I always attributed it to the cron script which doesn't seem to work sufficiently most of the time. Since we made our own generic cron script the problems seem to have resolved themselves.


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