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Integration of IRC services


Michal Dziczkowski:
Hello. I would like to propose to add following services support in Anope:

* BotServ, a bot which allows channel operators to assign bots to their channels
* HelpServ, the help service bot, is used to provide help on a variety of IRC topics
* HostServ, a host service bot, is used to allow general users to register a vhost so that their real IP address on IRC is hidden.
* RootServ, used on specific networks, is utilized by Services Root Administrators to perform Root Administrative functions for the IRC Network and Services Program.
* SpamServ, used to protect channels against spam.This would make it easier to manage the IRC servers


BotServ already exists in anope.
/msg botserv help for more details.
(( i guess you didn't read through your default config (example.conf -> services.conf). ))

HelpServ: this should be handled by your ircd i presume. with unrealircd you can use /helpop ? and so you will get lots of hints and suggestions.
services also respond to "help";
/msg nickserv help
/msg chanserv help

HostServ: already built in anope. i guess you didn't read through your default config (example.conf -> services.conf).

RootServ: it's called OperServ in anope. see oper block in services.conf. you can set yourself as services root, login to operserv and have lots of useful commands. see /msg operserv help for more details.

SpamServ: such things are built in ircd side, see like flood protection, antirandom, connthrottle, etc.. also see help and hints in botserv, those bots also can have some secu features.


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