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Author Topic: m_proxyscan  (Read 3014 times)

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Saroj Sai

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« on: June 21, 2018, 02:49:21 PM »

I am stuck at this module, If any one could help, It would be highly appreciated.

Module m_proxyscan couldn't load due to configuration problems: m_proxyscan: Unable to bind to address: Cannot assign requested address
[19:29] -OperServ- Unable to load module m_proxyscan

 * m_proxyscan
 * This module allows you to scan connecting clients for open proxies.
 * Note that using this will allow users to get the IP of your services.
 * Currently the two supported proxy types are HTTP and SOCKS5.
 * The proxy scanner works by attempting to connect to clients when they
 * connect to the network, and if they have a proxy running instruct it to connect
 * back to services. If services are able to connect through the proxy to itself
 * then it knows it is an insecure proxy, and will ban it.
        name = "m_proxyscan"
         * The target IP services tells the proxy to connect back to. This must be a publicly
         * available IP that remote proxies can connect to.
        target_ip = ""
         * The port services tells the proxy to connect to.
        target_port = 6667
         * The listen IP services listen on for incoming connections from suspected proxies.
         * This probably will be the same as target_ip, but may not be if you are behind a firewall (NAT).
        listen_ip = ""
         * The port services should listen on for incoming connections from suspected proxies.
         * This most likely will be the same as target_port.
        listen_port = 6667
         * An optional notice sent to clients upon connect.
        connect_notice = "We will now scan your host for insecure proxies. If you do not consent to this scan please disconnect immediately."
         * Who the notice should be sent from.
        connect_source = "OperServ"
         * If set, OperServ will add infected clients to the akill list. Without it, OperServ simply sends
         * a timed G/K-line to the IRCd and forgets about it. Can be useful if your akill list is being filled up by bots.
        add_to_akill = yes
         * How long before connections should be timed out.
        timeout = 5
                /* The type of proxy to check for. A comma separated list is allowed. */
                type = "HTTP"
                /* The ports to check. */
                port = "80,8080"
                /* How long to set the ban for. */
                time = 4h
                 * The reason to ban the user for.
                 * %h is replaced with the type of proxy found.
                 * %i is replaced with the IP of proxy found.
                 * %p is replaced with the port.
                reason = "You have an open proxy running on your host (%t:%i:%p)"

What should the target IP be? Is it my IRC server's IP or just I put it What about the listen IP? Is it the same?

I guess the port is the default port of my server; 6667. Both for target and listen port?

Should there be link block on Unreal about this? Please Help!

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