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Is there a way to provide nick registration via web or Facebook/Twitter integration?

We provided to our users explanation similar to this:

To follow the instructions, common users would need to have two browser windows opened at the same time (one for instructions, other for web based IRC client) and it seems that's not easy task for them.

So were thinking of some simpler approach, using some web form.

Please advise.

Adam: will allow you to authenticate users against an external SQL database.

I thought somebody wrote web form module already, working with existing Anope mysql database.

When using m_sql_authentication module, does Anope authenticate users from both anope_db_NickCore table and external database or from external database only?

m_sql_authentication authenticates people against an external database. The encryption mods (enc_*) authenticate people against the password stored on their account. So it depends on whether you load just one of those or both or none.


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