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there is a possibility, to get the Status from the Server on a other site?
I have build a serverlist on a other site and i want to take the status of the servers from the MagIRC-serverlist

Is there a walkthrough?


Hi Matze, yes you can.
You can use the REST service, for MagIRC 0.8.x it's rest/denora.php, for MagIRC 0.9.x it's rest/service.php
Unfortunately there is no comprehensive documentation yet, but the file itself provides some inline documentation with example calls.
So what you need is to use the /servers (to get all servers) or /server/<servername> (to get the specified server). A good way would be to make an AJAX call.
As a response you will get a JSON object which you can easily use in JavaScript or other means.
So for example you can do


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