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Admin page doesn't login

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Hello. I have Denora installed, and MagIRC set up, but when I try to login on the admin page to finish the setup, it literally doesn't even try to login. magIRC on my server is located

Update: Still doesn't work. took a look at the PHP index file for that area, as far as I can tell, it looks to be in working order. I'm fairly certain PHP is up to date, but am unsure how badly a not-so up-to-date PHP installation would affect. PHP does work on my server. The login button seems to click, but does nothing. Please help. Been working on getting this working for a few days now.

Update: Added /another/ installation of MagIRC in but to no avail. still doesn't login.

I have no idea what is causing it. any help would be greatly appreciated.

Can anyone even give me a general idea of what might be going wrong?
All the requirements are being met. I have PHP 5.3.24, pdo_msql is enabled, gettext is enabled, and mcrypt is enabled. The browser I'm using is Google Chrome.

Basic info:
PHP 5.3.24
MagIRC 0.8.7
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2
Python support and Perl support.

Please update magirc to the latest git version, run setup again to upgrade the database and then try again and let me know if it works now.

It is the latest version. Database is also updated. I tried that first.

Are you using some sort of proxying or something?
If I try to go to the login seems to work correctly.


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