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Author Topic: 1.9.8 mysql connects, OPER and Authentication no table found  (Read 4044 times)

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well lets start with some excerpts from the log file:
Code: [Select]
[May 10 03:16:30 2013] Anope 1.9.8 starting up
[May 10 03:16:30 2013] Loading modules...
[May 10 03:16:30 2013] Error while loading os_oline: Your IRCd does not support OMODE.
[May 10 03:16:30 2013] MySQL: Successfully connected to server mysql/main (

Code: [Select]
[May 10 03:16:38 2013] M_SQL_OPER: m_sql_oper: Error executing query SELECT `opertype` FROM `my_users` WHERE `user_name` = @a@: Table 'anope.my_users' doesn't exist
[May 10 03:16:38 2013] M_SQL_AUTHENTICATION: m_sql_authentication: Error executing query SELECT `email_addr` AS `email` FROM `my_users` WHERE `username` = @a@ AND `password` = MD5(CONCAT('salt', @p@)): Table 'anope.my_users' doesn't exist

some tables are used by anope, but I notice many are not, only a few of the nickserv tables and a couple chanserv tables are used. the  above errors indicate that those modules insist on looking for a table that doesn't exist and does not match the naming convention set in the services.conf.


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Re: 1.9.8 mysql connects, OPER and Authentication no table found
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2013, 06:46:22 AM »

The above errors indicate you did not read or configure modules.conf or understand what the purpose of those modules are for.
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