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SSL kills the style !

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When I access magIRC with ssl enabled (, my browser (chrome / IE) doesn't load some script, which kills the layout :

You can see the little shield on the upper right, saying "This page has insecure content." (google explication).
If I click and allow the script to be executed, everything works fine... but I don't think my visitor will see this little icon and accept to load 'unsecure' content.

Is there a way to correct this ?

i guess you could correct the base_url parameter in the magirc_config table to have https instead of http

Or even, to not have any scheme at all. Just using // will make the browser use the correct scheme.

@Mantas : I didn't get your answer  ??? .. sorry :)

@Hal9000 : I don't have the "base_url" on the magirc_config table ... Moreover, multiple url have access to magIRC (, for example) and they don't all run a valid ssl certificate.

so what version of magirc are you running then?


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