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Troubles with histories


Hello there,

I've noticed that history doesn't works on my magirc, I've no answer from the hourly stats.
When trying to open, I get "Erreur 330 (net::ERR_CONTENT_DECODING_FAILED)".

And it's only with the history, everything else works fine.
I've tried to execute the SQL queries (SELECT * FROM {$table} ORDER BY year ASC, month ASC, day ASC), they works. So, I wonder the trouble is somewhere else.
I keep on searching, but if any of you got a solution, he'll be welcome !

P.S.: the url for my stats is (and sorry, it's french)

Edit: I didn't find what the trouble is, but here is my last results:
If I add a die() in Magirc.class.php at the end of the jsonOutput() function and then call, I get my json in the browser. If I didn't, it failed.

I'll try to find out the real solution, die() is bad :D

Sorry for the late feedback, this post slipped through.
As I can see now however history works, so I guess the problem solved? Or did you need to make some modification somehwere?

I didn't find other way than the die() I added, but it works well.
Peharps it's a trouble due to my web server: I use nginx as proxy to limit the use of apache.

That could be the cause... maybe nginx is mesing with something.
Apparently that error occurs for example if the server says it supports gzip in the headers but then fails to deliver it, or maybe something is just messing with the encoding not matching the header or something. Unfortunately I have no experience with nginx whatsoever so I can't really help you, but hopefully somebody comes across this thread and can give his two cents:)


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