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Author Topic: gentoo init script  (Read 3579 times)

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gentoo init script
« on: October 24, 2010, 11:53:21 PM »

As I am testing anope on a gentoo box, i needed to write my own init script.
it demands that anope is in "/anope" and your nonprivileged anope-user is "anope"
Pretty minimalistic, but enought, to run anope on reboot.
One might find this one useful.

Code: [Select]
# anope IRC-Services init script for gentoo.
# Author: someone (

depend() {
  need ircd

start() {
  ebegin "Starting anope"
  cd /anope
  rm -rf data/modules/runtime/*
  start-stop-daemon --start --background --make-pidfile --user anope --pidfile /var/run/ --exec ./anope -- -n
  eend $?

stop() {
  ebegin "Stopping anope"
  start-stop-daemon --stop --pidfile /var/run/
#  killall -u anope
  eend $?

opts="${opts} restartd"
restartd() {
  sleep 8    # Wait 8 seconds before starting again

Ty for your effort with anope 1.9!
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