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Issue with Nickserv not sure what setting is off


D.W. Palme:
I'm attempting to set the KILL SASET on but I'm getting an access denied message.  I thought I had everything fixed, but apparently I'm still missing this one.

D.W. Palme:
Still no answer....

Have you tried with 2.0? I'm not exactly sure what you're trying to do, but I'd be willing to bet whatever it is works in the latest version.

daft question....

1. You "are" services admin or higher yes ?
2. You "are" listed on Operserv as an Admin ?

Seems to be the most obvious questions to ask for debugging firstly  ;D


I'm using Unreal3.2.9 and anope-1.8.6 and it works fine for me.

With /nickserv saset nickname kill on
-NickServ- Protection is now ON for nickname


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