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Author Topic: Request: Same start of list/end of list format  (Read 4244 times)

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Request: Same start of list/end of list format
« on: July 04, 2007, 08:30:42 PM »

I´ve recocnized, that the different List responses gots different Marks of the start and the End of the List.


[OperServ] Aktuelle Liste für eingeschränkte Verbindungen:
[OperServ] Nummer Limit Host
[OperServ] 1 100 localhost
[OperServ] 2 10

Here is no end marked.


[OperServ] Services Ignore-Liste:
[OperServ] absuser*

Here is no End marked, too.

It should be a standard for ALL lists with an start and end mark, eg:
[OperServ]Start of Exception-List
[OperServ]End of Exception-List

The same for all lists that are used by anope, botlist, chanlist, userlist, exceptions, ignores, akills, akicks, etc etc etc.

It would make scripter´s Life MUCH easier.

[Bearbeitet am 4-7-2007 von seraphim]

[Bearbeitet am 4-7-2007 von seraphim]
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