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Author Topic: i broked services... why?  (Read 4090 times)

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i broked services... why?
« on: April 11, 2013, 10:34:59 PM »

i was doing some access maintaince with chanserv and added a user via access not xop for this particular channel.. all went ok..
however everything went total titsup when i deleted a user from chanserv access list with this error

-ChanServ- Deleted 1 entry from #help access list.
<&Global> PANIC! buffer = :Cheiron PRIVMSG :access #help del 6
<&Global> Backtrace: Segmentation fault detected
<&Global> Backtrace: report the following lines
<&Global> Backtrace: Anope version 1.8.5 (3037) build #1, compiled May 24 2011 12:50:19  M
<&Global> Backtrace(0): ./services(do_backtrace+0x3b) [0x42f9cb]
<&Global> Backtrace(1): ./services(sighandler+0x154) [0x430534]
<&Global> Backtrace(2): /lib/ [0x7f70fc419230]
<&Global> Backtrace(3): /home/anope/services/modules/runtime/ [0x7f70ee8d6194]
<&Global> Backtrace(4): ./services(event_process_hook+0x70) [0x4281b0]
<&Global> Backtrace(5): ./services(send_event+0xb9) [0x428619]
<&Global> Backtrace(6): /home/anope/services/modules/runtime/ [0x7f70f878882c]
<&Global> Backtrace(7): ./services(do_run_cmd+0xa8) [0x424088]
<&Global> Backtrace(8): ./services(m_privmsg+0x430) [0x432510]
<&Global> Backtrace(9): /home/anope/services/modules/runtime/ [0x7f70fc1e06c4]
<&Global> Backtrace: complete
<&Global> Shutdown: Services Shutting Down
<&Global> Services terminating: Segmentation fault

what happened.. why did it happen and why does it only do this via access and not xop ?

Jan Milants

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Re: i broked services... why?
« Reply #1 on: April 15, 2013, 12:51:32 PM »

get rid of module cs_access_notice.. it is old, not maintained (author vanished long ago) and has known crashbugs..
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Re: i broked services... why?
« Reply #2 on: April 15, 2013, 07:02:56 PM »

thanks Jan :)

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