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Problème de Link Anope 2.0.7 et unreal 5.0.4

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the above quote from the unrealircd page

--- Quote ---UnrealIRCd 5 is compatible with the following services:
anope (version 2.0.7 or higher) - with the "unreal4" protocol module
--- End quote ---
means, that unrealircd v5.* needs at least v2.0.7 anope, with protocol module unreal4.

the github part means:

--- Quote ---*  - unreal (for 3.2.x)
*  - unreal4

--- End quote ---
unreal module is for unrealircd v3.2.*
(and probably unreal4 is for unrealircd v4.* and v5.*) (and not probably, just the hints are a little bit missleading)

since you have unrealircd v5.0.4, idk why we are still talking about this. :)

ok sorry for the time of my request (baby boy come the 1st oh june :p )

I try it this Week End Lord255

merci Crazycat, je vais regarder tout ça si je trouve du temps avec l'arrivée de Bébé lol.

Après tant que mes eggdrop fonctionne (grace à votre aide sur ça me va :p

Alleluiaaaaaa merci à vous

Thanksss a lot !

I put unreal and not unreal4 so the services doesn't work.

You're my hero lol

Now i need to found other problem

[19:09:59] WHO request 'WHO +Mm o' changed to match new WHOX syntax: 'WHO o Mm'


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