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Author Topic: help config...  (Read 5351 times)

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help config...
« on: May 05, 2007, 05:02:00 PM »

* Loading IRCd configuration ..
* unrealircd.conf:324: No name for section start
* unrealircd.conf:339: Ignoring extra close brace
* unrealircd.conf:339 Ignoring extra semicolon
[error] unrealircd.conf:323: link::username is missing
[error] unrealircd.conf:323: link::hostname is missing
[error] unrealircd.conf:323: link::bind-ip is missing
[error] unrealircd.conf:323: link::port is missing
[error] unrealircd.conf:323: link::password-receive is missing
[error] unrealircd.conf:323: link::password-connect is missing
[error] unrealircd.conf:323: link::class is missing
* unrealircd.conf:325: unknown directive username
* unrealircd.conf:326: unknown directive hostname
* unrealircd.conf:327: unknown directive bind-ip
* unrealircd.conf:328: unknown directive port
* unrealircd.conf:329: unknown directive hub
* unrealircd.conf:330: unknown directive password-connect
* unrealircd.conf:331: unknown directive password-receive
[error] unrealircd.conf:332: class::pingfreq is missing
[error] unrealircd.conf:332: class::maxclients is missing
[error] unrealircd.conf:332: class::sendq is missing
* unrealircd.conf:333: unknown directive options
[error] 10 errors encountered
[error] IRCd configuration failed to pass testing


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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2007, 06:43:51 AM »

It is unrealircd thing :D
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