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Author Topic: i have some great module ideas!  (Read 3222 times)

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i have some great module ideas!
« on: January 21, 2007, 03:57:50 PM »

Ok, can we add a quotes system to the bots so people can add / select / delete quotes? (like quotes etc)

!addquote <nick> blah blah <nick2> blah etc etc
-ChanServ- Quote #5 has been added

!selquote #5
<ChanServ> <nick> blah blah <nick2> blah etc etc

!delquote 8
-ChanServ- Quote #8 has been added



this is my issue. I have charybdis IRC, and i (by default) have blocked of any user to join a vacant channel. (Mode +r) so no users can create a channel UNLESS they register it with ChanServ first (this way we have some information about the registant) Its a security policy, also just another way to piss of lame flooders/kiddiots to not bother loading crap on my network.

So i need chanserv to be able to check if the channel is vacant, and if it is, to allow the user to register it (not say 'you dont have ops in the channel) then chanop can join the channel (meaning now it is an open channel) then the user can join that channal and go from there....




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(No subject)
« Reply #1 on: January 21, 2007, 04:12:18 PM »

1> hate the module idea, I'm opposed to nearly any module that can be done with a client bot. Even though it's a module and can be electively used/not used. Any module that hampers the speed and stability of Anope core could ignorantly cause a negative image on Anope it's self.

2> registering a channel before joining it is no more secure than registering after you join it. Not to mention that registering a channel should remain optional and not required.

3> The less freedom you allow your users to enjoy, the less users you will have to enjoy. So leave channel and nick registration/usage as optional.

4> you'll not only piss of kiddiots, but real users as well.

5> flooders don't need to be in channel to flood, not to mention that IRC Flooding is a moot point while connected to properly configured IRC servers. Hint: sendq/recvq
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