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Title: Getting no response from services
Post by: tucow on February 08, 2007, 11:05:33 AM

just installed unealircd3.2 and anope-1.6.5.
Everything works fine, but after some minutes there is no more response from the services, but i could login to channels and nicknames.



(11:37:13) -irc.*****.de- *** Notice -- (link) Link irc..***** -> services..*****[@.*****.] established
(11:37:13) -irc..***** *** Permanent Global Q:line added for NickServ on Thu Feb 8 10:37:12 2007 GMT (from services..***** Reserved for services)
and so on..

Then i just registered my nickname, logged on and registered channels.. everything fine.. for now.

BUT after i used '/msg botserv list' the services are not responding.
If i log on to my nickname using '/msg nickserv identify *****' i'm logged in and in the log file a new entery appears that i logged on.

You have any idea why they are not responding?
Just tried to reboot the server but nothing happend.
Post by: tucow on February 08, 2007, 11:14:13 AM
It's really mysterious, now everything works fine again.. but is did nothing.. :o