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Trouble with biggest channel

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Hello there,

I've noticed a small error on magirc, but it's alway with the same channel. On the main magirc page, the channel is indicated as having around 7 or 10 users, and wen going on the channel info page, there is only one user.

I wonder the trouble came because the channel name is a user name too, I'll make tests and try too give more informations about that soon.

for starters, users and channels cannot have the same name. Nicks cannot start with '#' and channels must start with '#'. katsklaw and #katsklaw are not the same. Secondly, perhaps you can share the name of the channel and it's current topic please.

My thinking is there may be erroneous characters in the topic interfering somewhere in which case it would be a bug so lets rule it out.

please provide an url :)

You can see that at where (actually) the channel #jbu has 3 users. And on , there is only one user.

And what is the correct value? 3 or 1?


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